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If you see something, say something! The Safe School Helpline is a convenient, confidential way for anyone to report information about situations that might affect safety at RTHS. You can call the number any time of the day or night to report concerns about unsafe or potentially disruptive activities or situations including drug or alcohol abuse, weapons, harassment, bullying or threats. The helpline is administered by an independent, outside company. All communications are PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS. 



Your message will not be traced, and you will not be identified.  The Safe School Helpline® team will transcribe and send your message to school officials, so appropriate action can be taken. 

Thank you for your continued support to provide a better education for all RTHS students.  If you have any questions about the Safe School Helpline®, please call your school principal. 

ISBE Safe2Help

The State of Illinois recently launched its new Violence Prevention Help Line to give students the ability to report concerns and seek help for mental health issues. The website has an option for students to either call, text, or email when they want to report a concern or seek help. If there is a report concerning a student, then the helpline will be contacting the school administration and local police department if needed. Below is a link below to the Governor's press release and then another link that will take you directly to the website.

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