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Why did the district change the program to collect fees, etc.?
The district needed to change due to increasing incompatibility with other financial software being used in the district. The new system, Pushcoin, allows for a seamless integration of various systems and processes from paying fees, paying for camps, yearbook and the lunch system. This system, Pushcoin,  provides parents with an instant view into their account where they can see every purchase and every payment for every student. Parents can even see exactly what their children purchased in the cafeteria on a real time basis, and fund their lunch accounts at a push of a button. By integrating with the district’s online payments processor, Pushcoin enables online payments via credit card for a fee, or from a checking or savings account for free.  Parents can still choose to pay by cash or check directly at the school or district office.

What is the Webstore?
The webstore is a place that lists items that District 212 parents can choose to purchase for their children. This includes Marching Band Camp, Tatler yearbook, registration, or Driver's Ed Fees with additional items to come. To purchase items in the webstore, login to the Parent Portal and access Pushcoin. In the Pushcoin window, click webstore. Find the items you wish to purchase and add them to your cart (button on the right). Once you picked what you need, click "Checkout" at the top. You can checkout from this screen using funds from your wallet (see below).

What is a Wallet?
If you have ever sent your children to a camp and provided money for a “camp store” this is essentially what the wallet provides, except YOU determine how funds are used, they don’t belong to the district.  This is a great way to provide funds for lunches or incidentals, such as supplies, without needing to find cash each morning as your children run out the door. Read on to learn how to “fund” and manage the wallet.

Who gets a Wallet, and how do I deposit funds into it?
Each student has his or her own wallet on Pushcoin. You can “fund” the wallet electronically via e-check or credit card and have the funds immediately available.  You can also fund a wallet by sending in a check to the school office or cafeteria when immediate availability is not a concern.  If funding electronically, the minimum transaction amount is $35. This minimum exists to allow us to keep E-Check transactions free of service charges, and keep the credit card charge to a minimum. There is no minimum transaction amount when funding by physical check.

There is a positive balance in my wallet. What should I do?
Ideally, you should leave a working balance in each student’s wallet. This will ensure that cafeteria services - including milk or ala carte items - are available, and make it simple to pay for anything that might come up during the year. Parents will be notified as purchases take place and the wallet balance changes. Parents are always informed and in control.

Wallet balances never expire and will follow students from grade to grade, and year to year. To better serve parents, wallet balances can be easily transferred between students within a family, and balances get refunded when the last student in a family leaves the district. Also, if wallet balances grow larger than parents desire, withdrawals can be requested by simply clicking a button in Pushcoin; however withdrawals are issued by physical check from the district business office; the process can take up to several weeks to complete.

I logged into Pushcoin and I see a Wallet and a Fees balance. What’s that about?
Pushcoin separates each student’s account into two sub accounts, the wallet, and fees. This is done to ensure that a student can still purchase a lunch even when their parents might still owe a large registration fee. As long as there is a positive balance in the student’s wallet that will cover the lunch cost, the student can make the purchase. If there was no separation, the positive balance in the wallet would get applied against the outstanding registration fee, and the student would have no money to purchase lunch or ala carte items. By keeping these balances separate, this situation can not happen. Only when the wallet balance is depleted would the student encounter difficulties.

Can I pay money owed on fees with money from my Wallet?
Yes, if you have a positive balance in your wallet, you can pay fees with it. Just click the Pay Fees button, then adjust the amount that you wish to deduct from your wallet. The balance, if any, will have to come from another funding source listed below.

I just can't pay the full fee amount now. What should I do?

If you are unable to pay the full amount for fees at this time, your school can help. Just contact the office and ask to setup an installment repayment plan. They are there to help, and will gladly explain all the details then set this up.

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