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Health and Safety Plan


RTHS students, 

We understand there is a lot of information out there. We have posted several items over the past several days. These are links to some of the more recent updates all in one location. 

For social distancing reasons, we are strongly encouraging you to find your own transportation. However, if you need to ride the bus, click on the bus updates link to find your stop.  Your routes are probably a lot different in previous years. Call the bus garage if you need additional clarification at 815-562-5942. 

Updated Aug Calendar:

RTHS e-Learning Expectations


RTHS Student Health (COVID)

RTHS Building Entrance

RTHS New Procedures

Bus Updates

Bus Routes  


As a reminder we start in-person school on:


  • Monday, August 17 -  Freshman and Sophomores 

  • Tuesday, August 18 -  Juniors and Seniors 

A common question I am getting from Juniors and Seniors: Will I have an e-learning assignment on Monday? 

  • Yes, but it will not be very long. I will be asking teachers to post their syllabus and class expectations for you to go over before your first day of class. If you do not have computer access you can make it up later. Don't worry!

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